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Intuitive Advice

Terms of Service

*Intuitive advice is NOT a replacement for therapy or other mental and/or medical services. Sami is not a psychologist or medical doctor. All advice given is taken based on the judgement and discretion of the client. Sami and the SoundsLikeSami brand are not responsible for negative outcomes to a client's situation, life, and/or actions related or unrelated to the advice given. Sami and the SoundsLikeSami brand will never suggest or condone harmful actions (physical, mental, emotional) as a solution to a problem/situation. Any advice acted or not acted on is done on the sole volition of the client. Sami and the SoundsLikeSami brand are not liable for any outcomes, positive or negative, or lack-thereof.

For the best outcome, treat these sessions like you're filling in your wisest and trusted friend on your situation while being open and ready to hear their feedback. Understand your friend may have some harsh truths for you, but they ultimately have your best interests at heart.


A good friend doesn't tell you what you want to hear, they tell you the truth and let you decide for yourself. Consider me that friend. I'll be honest, direct, and kind. I'll always tell you what I'm seeing and give you the best guidance from there. I'll never pressure you to take my advice or to believe any particular interpretation. I encourage you to take what resonates with you most from the reading and leave what doesn't. This time is meant to help you gain more clarity, insight, and direction.

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